The Journey So Far An Overview of IHSPF

Chapter One The Beginning

  • IHSPF was born with the intention of creating an innovative association for sales professionals from hospitality industry of India; and to provide a state-of-the-art platform for international segments in the HoReCa sector.
  • Initiated on 26 June 2020 by pioneers of the hospitality industry; Mr. Vijay Mohan Bembey, Mr. Vikram Goyal, Mr. Rajesh Chowdhury, Mr. Utpal Narayan are few torchbearers amongst others.
  • The creation of a group on WhatsApp followed by an interactive session with exchange of thoughts, views and ideas were the first steps that led to the formal initiation of IHSPF.
Chapter 1

Mission - Objectives

Impeccable chain of networking
Exchange of knowledge and augmentation opportunities
Sales training and skill enhancement workshops
Self-motivation and business lessons in addition to corporate sessions
Educational documentaries related to hospitality industry
Assistance in employment opportunities
Philanthropy- Community service and welfare work
Travel assistance to a new location: Reviews related to the place, food, accommodation, market information, leads etc.
29 April 2020 marks our first in-house Zoom meeting

Summarised list of growth-oriented activities undertaken by IHSPF

Starting with an introduction session, the virtual meeting was followed by an induction programme where new members were heartily welcomed on-board and the motto of IHSPF shared with the sales professionals.

Making for an inspiring start, a thought-provoking video was shared by Mr. Vikram Goyal. The informative clip gave an insight into the human mind, with an emphasis on thought process and how it works. The learning session aimed at aligning our thought process post the lockdown and encourage the team to think positively during this unforeseen situation of Covid-19 and the pandemic.

Followed by the second video clip on training, effective probing and questioning by Mr. Vijay Mohan Bembey.

Shared by Mr. Rajesh Chowdhury, the third video covered various aspects of sales training to boost the morale of the team and confidence of the members.

Post our first Zoom meeting, the feedback received was imbibed positively to improvise and grant more benefit to the group.

Followed by which, the group grew at an awe-inspiring pace and comprised of 100 members by 30 April 2020.

Chapter Two Inspiring Learning

Webinar one

  • We are thrilled to share that our first webinar with Dr.Nitin Shankar Nagrale was hosted on 12th May, 2020 at 11.55 AM.
  • Topic: Future of F&B and Capex post Covid-19
  • The educative webinar was followed by a Q&A session. We had an energetic response from the team with 75 keen participants.
Chapter 2
Life and Achievements

Dr.Nitin Shankar Nagrale

Dr.Nagrale recently joined QualityNZ as Chief Executive Officer, India; and of emerging markets. He is responsible for various businesses of QNZ such as imports/exports, tourism, education and cricket tournaments within India, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Maldives.

With a rich experience of over 25 years, he has actively engaged in managing supply chain procedures for luxury hotels in India and South-East Asia. In October 2019, he was bestowed with the Honorary Doctorate in Supply Chain Management by National American University at Embassy of Russian Federation(RCSC), New Delhi.

Holding a master’s degree in Marketing Management from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai; Dr.Nagrale earned a diploma in Materials Management from IIMM Bangalore and a diploma in Hotel Management. Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition from IHM. An illustrious career of over 25 years has fetched him prestigious awards like:

Most Influential Food Industry Professional at Asia Food Congress 2020
Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Lifetime Achievement Award 2018 at Bangalore
Hospitality Professional of the Year 2018 at MODI (Making of Developed India) Awards for excellence in hospitality and tourism
Most Admired Procurement Person of the Year at CMO Asia 2017
Face of the Future by India Hospitality Awards 2016.

He stands out as the first person in the world to have completed the Certified Hotel Purchase Manager Certification Course from the American Hotel and Lodging Education Institute (AHLEI).

Dr.Nagrale founded the Hospitality Purchasing Managers ‘Forum (HPMF) in India– the first ever platform to converge over 3000 buyers from hotels, restaurants, catering, airline organizations across India, UAE, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Webinar Two

Hosted by Mr. Sunil Khanna – Founder and Principal Consultant – Food Service Design India and Aster India, it was held on 15th May 2020.

A presentation on the product Ansul Fire Suppression was conducted in the morning session, followed by a presentation on Washmatic dishwashers manufactured in India during the second half. The webinar concluded with an interactive Q&A session.

We are thrilled to share the strength of our team increased from 100 to 151 members by 18 May 2020.

Webinar Three

The third webinar was hosted by Mr. Sandeep Kaman, HR consultant on 1st August 2020 at 3.00 PM.

Topic: Responding to Challenges and Building Capabilities

The educative webinar was followed by a Q&A session.

We are thrilled to share an increase in the number of members after reaping the benefits from the forum. By 01 August 2020, our strength totalled 188 members, a proud moment for the entire team.

The fourth in-house meeting was held on 08 August 2020

The Fourth In-House Meeting - 08.08.20

Topic of discussion: Following the journey of formation of IHSPF, we shared our thoughts, ideas and views with members and ideated on creating a volunteers’ group as a step towards mentoring interested members.

On 09 August 2020, volunteers who took the first step to mentor shared the following note:

“Any member of the team can approach us without hesitations to talk about concerns, and problems faced on the front. Issues such as employment, financial assistance, mentoring, counselling and/or any other query can be shared unhesitatingly with mentors of the team.”

Webinar Four

The fourth webinar was hosted by siblings Mr. Krishna Kumar Thakur and Mr. Hare Ram Thakur– IEC International Equipments, Delhi held on 25th August, 2020.

Topic: Success Stories and an Interactive Session with Thakur Brothers.

The webinar was followed by a Q&A session.

Life and Achievements

Mr. Krishna Thakur

Mr. Krishna was born on 04 February 1977 in a small village of Madhubani District, Bihar. Raised in a lower-middle class family, he completed schooling from the government school of his village. In order to compensate for the financial difficulties, Mr. Krishna started working while pursuing graduation in Delhi.

Married to Saroj Thakur since 28 June 1988, the warm-hearted couple are blessed with two children.

After a long stint with Mittal International, Mr. Krishna started International Equipment Company with his brother Mr. Hare Ram Thakur.

The company comprises of 60+ employees with a turnover of over 54 crores in less than ten years.


Life and Achievements

Mr. Hare Ram Thakur

Born in 1982, Mr. Hare Ram Thakur finished his schooling in Bihar. Later, he moved to Delhi with the dream of becoming a Chartered Accountant. Owing to financial struggles, he was forced to take up a job instead.

Mr. Hare Ram worked at various organisations, and has also been a crew member at McDonald’s.

Based on the guidance of a well-wisher, he joined IHM Pusa, Delhi. Mr. Hare Ram went onto to be an all India topper, and was awarded a gold medal for the same in 2004.

Amidst the offers received from various hotel groups after clearing his campus interviews, Mr. Hare Ram started working with The Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi.

Married to Sanjana Thakur since 2007, they are blessed with a son and daughter.

Post which he joined a QSR – Pizza Hut, and worked with many chains. Just when he was offered a lucrative position in the United States of America, and also cleared the visa, he gave up on the post owing to family pressure.

A move that led to the creation of ‘International Equipments Co.’ with his brother. Since ten years, they have been achieving tall heights together.


Webinar Five

Hosted by Mr.Vijay Wangnoo of Wang Professionals, Delhi; the fifth webinar was a First Generation Entrepreneur meeting held on 4th September, 2020 at 4.00 PM.

Topic: Learning and Inspiration from the Industry Pioneers.

The webinar was followed by an interactive Q&A session.

Life and Achievements

Mr.Vijay Wangnoo

Mr. Wangnoo is the Chairman and Managing Director at Wang Professionals Pvt Ltd & Wang Hospitality Equipment Pvt Ltd. Born in March, 1951 at Srinagar(J&K), he completed his Post Graduation in Physics and MBA from Faculty of Management, Delhi University.

Married to Mrs. Asha Wangnoo since in January 1976, the power couple are blessed with two sons Chetan & Rohit. Mr.Wangnoo worked at various levels in Blue Star Limited before applying for voluntary retirement after 26 years. He retired as Senior General Manager of Commercial Equipment Division in April 2003.

Later, he ventured into marketing of commercial kitchen and laundry equipment to hospitality industry by forming a proprietorship company called ‘Wang Professionals.’ Formed with a handful of employees, today the organisation has evolved into a private limited company with ninety employees. The branches of regional operations extend to Mumbai, Bangalore & Kolkata; with the headquarters in Delhi.

The company deals with retail as well as turn key projects. In 2007, Wang Hospitality Equipment Pvt Ltd was formed as a sister company to market electronic locks, safes and minibars. Chetan and Rohit, Mr.Wangnoo’s sons work with him; and actively handle two large sectors- the retail and projects division. Wang Professionals is one of the most reputed and pioneering companies in the hospitality sector of India.


The fifth in-house interactive meeting was held on 03 October 2020 at 4.30 PM

The Fifth In-House Meeting - 03.10.20

 Motto: To discuss with team members about sharing suggestions for leaders and pioneers in the hospitality industry to lead through a presentation and motivate the team. We also sought ideas from the team for future events.

Webinar Six

The sixth webinar was hosted by Mr.Marc D’souza – Director Design and Development – Marriott International Hotels on 2 October 2020 at 4.00 PM.

Topic: Hospitality Sales – An Operator’s Perspective.

The webinar was followed by an interactive Q&A session.

Life and Achievements

Mr.Marc D'souza

An alumni of the prestigious IHMCTAN, Mumbai with over 26 years of experience in the hospitality industry.

Current Role: Guide the operational design and F&B concept for new, renovation and conversion hotel projects in co-ordination with other design partners.

Overlooks conceptual design of F&B, and other public areas of new hotels across Marriott brands in South Asia.

Ensures that all restaurant, bars and lounges are designed on par with the operational practices; in accordance with Marriott operational brand guidelines.


Webinar Seven

The seventh webinar was hosted by Mr.Rajendra Mittal, CEO, Mittal International, Delhi – one of the major stockist of imported kitchen equipment- on 18th December 2020 at 4.00 PM.

Topic: Secrets of Success

The webinar was followed by an interactive Q&A session.

Life and Achievements

Mr. Rajendra Mittal

Mr. Rajendra Prasad Mittal started his career in 1968 as a trader of refrigeration and air conditioning spare parts. During that period, he is renowned for marketing Shri Ram Compressor, Unistar Capacitor in large quantities.

In 1979, he started promoting Scotsman Ice machine, Taylor Ice Cream machine and Ugolini Dispenser amongst other innovative creations.

Post that, Mr. Mittal introduced Rational Combi Oven, Winter Halter Dish Washer, La Cimbali Espresso and Cappuccino machine to elite hotels, restaurants, clubs etc.

Later, he added other advanced hotel and restaurant equipment and accessories such as T&S, Dhirdish washer, Robot Coupe, Vitamix, Simran Kitchen equipment, Rational Combi Ovens etc.

Mittal International provide complete kitchen equipment solution to hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, coffee shops, QSR and cinema halls. The company also furnish hotel projects, and extend service facility to any equipment related to the kitchen.

Rajendra Prasad Mittal is current president of AIACRA (All India Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Association).

He is renowned for spearheading delegations to China, Germany and USA for trade shows. He is also involved in publishing AIACRA directory and newsletter for refrigeration trade on a regular basis.


Chapter Three Phoenix Rising

  • After a gap owing to the pandemic, we held an in-house meeting on 29 April 2021 at 11.15 AM.
  • Topic: Introduction to Future Development of the Industry during Covid-19 and post Covid-19.
  • During the meeting, we made an announcement extending support to the team during the pandemic. We sent word to all the members to approach the group 24/7 with any concern. An assurance was granted, and help offered to share their issues sans hesitation.
  • As a team, we paid homage to all the IHSPF members who succumbed to Covid-19 and prayed for their families.
  • On 16 May 2021, we conducted an in-house meeting to share general precautions covering Dos and Don’ts during Covid times.
Chapter 3

Community service initiated by Rajesh Chowdhury and Team